Everyone knows of the pantheon, the gods and goddesses which rule over the natural Order of things. Some say that the Empire was allowed to grow as large as it did because of the blessing of the gods… many others say that it fell when the gods took that blessing back.

Gods and Goddesses of the Pantheon

Ishkur – Rain and Storm

Quick as a lightning flash, calm as the eye of a storm. It is this dichotomy that gives the Circle of Ishkur the healthy respect of the residents of the Amberwoad Vale. Ishkur is the god of storms, and brings both the life-giving rain and the destructive tempest. Similarly, his priests and paladins are known as both healers and guardians, for those willing to pay the price. He is depicted as a burly man with bird-like wings.

Lupien – Wildness and Animals

Lupien is the god of the wild places and the animals that roam free. There is no one image of this god, as many argue on his true form. Many images show him as a built man that wears a silver pelt over his body. Other images though show him as some combination of man and beast. It is usually in the remote places that Lupien’s worshipers can be found, as he has no place in the cities or cultivated fields.

Madeas – Luck and Balance

Madeas is the masked goddess of Luck and Balance. She is often portrayed as wearing a mask that is black on one side and white on the other. Those who claim to understand her say that luck and balance are tied together. Balance insures that good and bad luck eventually will even out over a lifetime, and being lucky is only building up a debt upon which she will collect later. She has few places of worship, but it is not uncommon to see thieves, gamblers and merchants who want her graces to fall upon them to have a shrine or token that they wear.

Thanin – Crafting and Dwarves

Thanin is the god of crafts. He is also the patron of the Dwarf people. Many representations of him depict him as short and stocky, with a hammer in one hand (and many dwarven images of him show a stein of ale in the other). It is said that every workshop is a shrine to him. Many master craftsman would swear that they have had Thanin’s hands guilde them at least once in their lifetime, helping them to construct a prized creation.

The Raven Queen

Very little is known about this goddess. She controls the domains of death and winter. It is her job to see that the souls of the departed are sent to the great wheel, where they will be reborn again (though no one knows as what). She has only appeared to a very select few followers over the years and has very few who would be considered worshipers. It is a local custom that a gift is left for her with the departed, asking the Raven Queen to ensure their safe passage.


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