Cities and Towns

Two Rivers

Two rivers is the biggest and most influential city in the Amberwoad Vale. Outside of the region, it is called the “Gateway to the North” as it is the last major city before heading out into the Untamed Lands. The city is also the center of commerce for the region, as well as having most of the business expeditions into the Untamed Lands start here.

The city itself is built around the river and on both sides of the cliff. Due to the waterfalls that make river travel impossible, goods are unloaded on one side and then loaded again on the other side. This has allowed the city to have something of a “port town” atmosphere, even in a landlocked northern region. Docks, boats and warehouses line the eastern shores of the river and goods are constantly moving through the streets.

The city itself is broken up into a multitude of districts, or wards. Most of the time, the boundaries of the wards is defined by how much the city walls were expanded during that time. The garrison sits on top of the cliff and overlooks the city. The closest wards are the wealthiest, while those further away or at the bottom of the cliff slowly decline in prosperity.

An interesting feature of the city is a number of areas have been built into the cliff walls itself, including a number of “lifts” which can be used to transport people and goods from the bottom to the top of the cliffs. Otherwise you would have to walk up the long stair cases that are built into the cliff walls.

Cities and Towns

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