House Rules - Healing and Injuries


Short Rest

Short rests only take “5 minutes” instead of one hour. Basically the party should be allowed to take a short rest between every 1 or 2 encounters as long as they aren’t stumbling into more combat.

Spending Hit Dice to Heal

When you spend hit dice to heal, you don’t roll the die but instead use the following values (D4 = 3, D6 = 4, D8 = 6, D10 = 7, D12 = 9)

Long Rests

Long rests must include a full “nights” worth of sleep. The rest of the time can be used to mediate or engage in non-strenuous activities. The total time for this must be at least 8 hours.

  • Regain all lost HP
  • Regain all spent Hit Dice


The following will result in a long term injury which will have persistent effects until it heals

  • Taking a critical hit
  • Dropping to 0 hit points from lethal damage (not knocked out)

House Rules - Healing and Injuries

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