Mysteries of the Amberwoad Vale

A sprig of broomstick, a splash of the future, and an ounce of courage


It looks like you’ve managed to poke the hornet’s nest around here. It seems that word has somehow gotten back to your father that you are alive and attempting to foil his plans. As you can imagine, “not pleased” is a bit of understatement. A reward has been offered for your head, and I’m not sure if he cares about the “alive” part or not.

In better news, Lillian unlocked the book for us. She seemed extremely pleased with the lot of you, so you must have done something to tickle her fancy. The first set of translations have been send back to the Tavern for us to review. I took a quick look at it, but wasn’t sure what I was looking at. Something about an expansion of the cliff wards. It looks like the city guards have also been replaced with some sort of mercenaries. Might be worth looking into.


A Mischievous Party

Dearest Lee,

You did an excellent job on retrieving the ledger from our mutual friend. In the future, it may not be the best of ideas to store such things in your bodice though. After examination, I’ve determined that there are a number of arcane enchantments upon the ledger which prevent it from being read. Some of them also seem to involve a self-destruct spell to consume the book if the right “password” isn’t given. Such things tend to behave erratically when exposed to other spells.

There is one mage that I think that we would be able to “recruit” to help us. Lillian Haberdash is someone I know who has the skills and wouldn’t mind a challenge such as this. Sadly, we had a falling out years ago and she may not be up to helping without a bit of “encouragement”.

We also have an opportunity that Ari has presented us with. Lucian has a certain regard for her, with her saving his life, as well as a certain debt to her as she was poisoned in his house during his own party. If we can acquire the resources to set her up with an identity that matches who she was at the party, we might be able to get more information from Lucian in the future.

If your group needs anything, please stop by and inform me of the details.


Mission Results:
Ledger stolen
Assassination distrupted
Robin kicked out of party after attracting a horde of lady followers
Sabin found innocent but suspicious
Ari was both courted and poisoned
Lee tripped over her tongue, but was able to steal the book.

A Mischievous Party [Pre-Mission]

My Dear Robin,

I hope the stress of you being thrown into that awful prison does not mean that I won’t be able to count on you in the future. I have in fact, found another member of our fair city that has failed its citizens. Lucian Archibald is the accountant for a criminal enterprise that hurts the citizens of this city. He has a little book which he uses to keep track of bribes paid to authorities, where they are getting their money from and who has paid them protection. This will be the first step to eliminating a threat to Two Rivers.

This weekend, Mr. Archibald will be hosting a gala at his manor. I have arranged for you to be added to the list of attendees, a long with a few others. This could be the perfect time to get inside and acquire the information.

~ Rowan


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