Mysteries of the Amberwoad Vale

A sprig of broomstick, a splash of the future, and an ounce of courage


It looks like you’ve managed to poke the hornet’s nest around here. It seems that word has somehow gotten back to your father that you are alive and attempting to foil his plans. As you can imagine, “not pleased” is a bit of understatement. A reward has been offered for your head, and I’m not sure if he cares about the “alive” part or not.

In better news, Lillian unlocked the book for us. She seemed extremely pleased with the lot of you, so you must have done something to tickle her fancy. The first set of translations have been send back to the Tavern for us to review. I took a quick look at it, but wasn’t sure what I was looking at. Something about an expansion of the cliff wards. It looks like the city guards have also been replaced with some sort of mercenaries. Might be worth looking into.



Xphile Xphile

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